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AstraZeneca on Transparency

Interesting report on FoxBusiness News ( I know, I know).

The global pharmaceuticals industry must become more transparent if it is to rebuild public trust in the sector, AstraZeneca PLC’s chief executive said Wednesday.

David Brennan told a gathering of drug sector leaders that industry stockholders need to collaborate to collectively address the world’s healthcare challenges.

“Part of restoring that trust is about being transparent,” Brennan said in prepared remarks to the 25th International Federation of Pharmaceutical and Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) assembly in Washington D.C.

“If we are honest, our industry has not always been as open in the past as it could have been. But I think there is recognition now that transparency is the best way to build relationships and understanding.”

Brennan’s remarks were part of his inaugural speech as the new IFPMA president.

My blog’s first success? Well, no. The report is from 10th November a full week before my first post.

But also: “Talking about transparency does not equal transparency This would seem obvious, but the reality is pharmaceutical companies need to “show” and not “tell.” according to the company’s Vice-President for Public Affairs.

He is SO right.

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