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Now, some changes, and clarifications, for the New Year.

First a change of banner. A friend who knows about these things tells me that the original banner is “amateurish”. This is hard but may be true, because I designed it myself. (If anyone is interested, my design was supposed to represent the rising sun of transparency progressively illuminating the world of medicine – how amateurish is that. )

Secondly, when posting a comment, you do NOT have to enter your name and e-mail address on the comment submission form, unless you wish.

You can also use a pseudonym in place of your name.

In any case, your e-mail address will NOT be published, unless you expressly ask me to do so.

Your name (or pseudonym) will normally be published, unless you ask me not to do so.

I would prefer that posters identify themselves to me but I will also accept (with caution) anonymous posts – especially if they are interesting , relevant and not defamatory.

I will respond much more to posted comments, even if only to thank you for your interest.

Finally, if anyone wishes to contact me directly, without posting a comment, I use a gmail account for this blog – openmedicineeu@ you can guess the rest.

Happy New Year

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  1. Fantastic new banner, Jim! Looks very professional and really fits with the theme of your blog. Your new comment policy, however, is actually an even more important announcement! I hope we’re able to stir up an interesting and informative debate on your blog.

  2. Thanks for this.
    It was silly of me but I did not realise for some time that the “open door” policy was not clear and in some cases not possible.

  3. Jim, Belated wishes for a happy new year.and good luck with the blog. Efforts to promote good science are always appreciated. Looking forward to some lively exchanges!
    John Bell

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