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In my post on the Innovative Medicines Initiative I mentioned the danger that industry subsidies might sometimes be “little more than corporate social welfare, subsidising an already rich industry or, worse, paying for something that industry would otherwise have done for itself”. That was meant as a general point and not as a specific comment… » read more

Posted by Jim Murray

What’s New?

I mentioned in passing in my last post that new medicines are not necessarily innovative. This can be seen in the 2010 Report of the French National Health Authority, the “Haute Autorité de santé”. The authority’s “Commission de la Transparence (évaluation des médicaments)” evaluates the efficacy of each medicine under two headings – the therapeutic… » read more

Posted by Jim Murray

It’s Hard to be Good

To get approval for a new medicine it is necessary to provide evidence that the medicine works – which usually means showing that it is better than a placebo. It is not usually necessary to provide comparative data showing how the new medicine measures up against an existing medicine or treatment. Good comparative data helps… » read more

Posted by Jim Murray